COOMES REVIEWS: Angel’s Envy Oloroso Sherry Cask Finished Bourbon

Angel's Envy Sherry Cask Finish

It hardly seems possible that Angel’s Envy’s new Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish is the brand’s first release in five years–at least until you remember that the distillery proper just turned 2 in November. So much happens in this world of whiskey between new releases, single barrels, collaborations and whatnot that the gap certainly missed my […]

New Old Forester Rye release packs bold fruit, spice and backbone


It took much of my life to fall in love with bourbon, but my courtship with rye was a one-and-done event. I fell for it from the start: its lighter body, fruity roundness and tingly, busy edges sharpened further by pepper and herbs. Good rye is a boss in cocktails, an attention-commanding star of the show […]

Could Josh Moore’s ‘Chopped’ victory win me to TV food competition?

Joshua Moore in 2013. Photo by Andrew Hyslop.

Outside of “Iron Chef,” I’ve never liked TV head-to-head chef competitions much. Such shows are commonly contrived events made barely interesting with ridiculous challenges, hyper-vocal commentators, absurd time constraints and mystery baskets of “who the hell eats these?” ingredients. And when it was announced that Volare Italian Restaurant executive chef and partner Josh Moore would […]

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