Could Josh Moore’s ‘Chopped’ victory win me to TV food competition?

Joshua Moore in 2013. Photo by Andrew Hyslop.

Outside of “Iron Chef,” I’ve never liked TV head-to-head chef competitions much. Such shows are commonly contrived events made barely interesting with ridiculous challenges, hyper-vocal commentators, absurd time constraints and mystery baskets of “who the hell eats these?” ingredients. And when it was announced that Volare Italian Restaurant executive chef and partner Josh Moore would […]

VPN certified or not, Pizza Lupo does Neapolitan pies masterfully

Pizza Lupo leoparded crust Coomes

Pizza Lupo partner and pizzaiolo Max Balliet stands in his dining room wondering aloud whether to obtain the Vera Pizza Napoletana (VPN) certification for his young Butchertown pizzeria. After all, he claims to serve Neapolitan pizza, so what better way to assure guests they’re getting a version that’s as close to that served in Naples, […]

Buffalo Trace’s ’18 Antique Collection sees proof increase in Eagle Rare, drop in Stagg


FRANKFORT, Ky.—Get your tents, flasks and MREs handy for the line waiting to come: Buffalo Trace Distillery announced its annual Antique Collection (a.k.a. “BTAC”) releases will begin trickling into stores in September through early October. According to a news release, the highly anticipated collection will once again feature five limited-release whiskeys of various ages, recipes […]

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