Old but so good: Four Roses 2019 LESB dazzles

Four batches of mingled Four Roses bourbon in line, and the final result, the 2019 Limited Edition Small Batch, at the top.

I’ve heard more than a few prominent master distillers say they don’t like bourbon aged much past 9 years. They say it gets too bitter, oaky, tannic, etc., that the […]

Pu shows fusion, pairing chops with Taiwanese and American whiskey dinner

Fried Chicken

I don’t write much about Louisville restaurants much anymore, but when invited to a Taiwanese dinner paired with American whiskey, I’m not saying no. I knew this was too good […]

French Lick’s Wheater and Lee Sinclair bourbons now in Louisville market

The Wheater Spirits of French Lick

As if America’s whiskey boom isn’t exciting enough, upstart distillery growth is driving incredible innovation in an industry long accustomed to making pretty similar tasting products. Some of the finest […]

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