Michter's Barrel Strength Rye

A short summary of my latest whiskey review of Michter’s Barrel Strength Rye posted to BourbonBanter.com … NOSE: Stone fruit/cherry  |  bubble gum, graham cracker, cereal  |  whiff of mown grass and sawn lumber, light minerality TASTE: Loads of brown sugar on entry  |  baking spice at midpalate  |  viscous and oaky all around  |  delicious […]

Long overdue: Mario Batali focus of 60 Minutes exposé on sexual harassment

60 Minutes Batali

Oh, Mario. Boy, oh, boy, Mario. For years, industry talk trickling southward said you were a bad boy. But until last night’s episode of “60 Minutes,” I had no inkling of just how bad. I’d heard stories about what men in the restaurant industry call normal horseplay, but I’d never heard the debased tales of […]

The British came and launched American Whiskey magazine


American whiskey is hot. We’re experiencing a bourbon boom and a rye renaissance, and though brandy isn’t whiskey, domestic versions of that potent potable also are on the rise. We make great liquor here! So, if you heard about the launch of American Whiskey magazine this past Tuesday in Louisville and thought, “Well, ‘bout time,” […]

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